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The Perfect First Day Look

We get it - starting school is a huge deal. You have enough to worry about like grades and making friends than to mess around for matching outfits and accessories.

First day is all about first impressions. You want to ensure you check all the boxes. For starters, keep it real. Jeans are a perfect idea that gel well with any crowd or clique. But you don't want to keep it too low key. Be a trendsetter by combining two trends in one - this top combines both color block and cut out trends but covers enough to ensure you don't get called into the principles office first day. Don't be that girl - no one wants to have a bad reputation first day of school.

Add some solid nails to match the outfit. Not too long. Keep em' on the short side. Opt for a clean, serious look that means trendy but still studious. After all, you still need to type and grab a pen?

Don't forget the accessories! Chain drop earrings pair nicely with an even part and slick back hair. Remember, first day is all about balance. If you wear big earrings, go mild on the other accessories and hair. The trick to knock the first day out of the park is to master the art of balance.

Show us your first day outfit and tell us how your day went and get 10% off your next purchase!

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