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Top 5 Summer Hairstyles you can do yourself!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

#1 Blonde Box Braids

Show off your summer boho look with long blonde box braids. Inexpensive and easy to braid into your own hair. Only drawback, carve out a few hours. The longer the hair, the longer they take to braid in. Totally worth it when you can just get up in the morning and head to school without a second glance at your hair. Easy to wash - just like your own hair but zero drama in the morning! Place accents like shells in the braids to show your bohemian spirit. Or wear in a top pony like the pic below!

#2 Auburn Cornrow box braids with Pearl Accents

The effortless gorgeous look of box braids takes the top two slots on our summer lock looks. And it's no wonder! Your summer should be filled up with fun and not time in front of the mirror. Box braids offers the appeal of no fuss, easy wake up and walk out do's that last for weeks. Going out on a date? No problem, corn rows add an elegant flair. Top them off with pearl beads here and there.

#3 Blow Out

Off to work or a hot night? Add a little leave in conditioner after that wash and blow it straight. Blow outs add shine and volume that shouts confidence! Use a flat brush and leave as is to sport an effortless straight look. Blowouts look fabulous with a bodycon dress!

#4 Natural and Artsy

B proud of your natural look! If your sporting a shorter round bob, let it loose natural. Then take some product with your fingers and pull out strands here and there for an artsy edgy look. Top it off with temperature changing lip gloss. And bam! Your a super model.

#5 Purposely Messy

Have you ever woken up with a hot mess? Meaning, your bed hair made you actually look and feel glamorous? Do it again by adding some hot rollers in. Once they are ready, straighten out some of the locks with gel. Doing so on freshly curled locks retains the volume but adds some random straight highlights. Separate lightly with your fingers since you don't want all your curls to be perfect! Careful now! Pair this hair with a little black dress and you might have some extra dates on your hands.

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