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Painting and Wellness

One of my fav quotes from the Gita worked onto a canvas with mixed mediums.

I don’t ordinarily work with collages, but I like how this one came out. Started off as an acrylic-art-as-meditation and really enjoyed being free with it.

That is after all, what art as meditation is about. The freedom to meditate and paint – meditate and create on canvas.

It is a time where we can learn to step aside from how others view you, let go of how others judge you, and momentarily put a stopper on sternly judging ourselves. It’s a time to flow with the brush on canvas for art’s sake ~ for our sake.

Something quite amazing happens every time we let go. In letting go, we allow ourselves to experience freedom. Creative freedom is hard to come by in any respect. As an artist, there is always some nagging influence or some imaginary limits and boundaries pushing us down to make more sales and to generate more patrons. An obvious by-product that we may or may not be cognizant of, is that we may be setting invisible limitations on just how creative we can be by imagining some possible yet more than likely erroneous assumption of what the public desires on their walls. Or worse yet, follow the herd into the pitfall of creative trends.

Even if you are not an artist, life has become so high pressure, many may find it quite difficult to meditate and quiet the mind. And in any pursuit, whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or an engineer, quieting the mind, calming the senses, learning to relax, developing intuition, fearlessness, confidence and creativity, requires mental focus and discipline which meditation is proven to enhance.

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